Plant Super League – Help your football team win the league and help the environment

Planet Super League is a free online tournament that combines the love of football with encouragement to help the environment.

How does #PlanetSuperLeague work?

1. Take on green activities.

2. Win points for your football club.

3. Get your club up the league.

We all know how important it is to do our bit for the environment and sometimes it can be hard to get other family members onboard. This website offers some great ideas for activities you can do as a family which in itself is a great idea but it offers the extra incentive to carry them out as you can earn points for your football club – helping them to move up the table and win the Planet Super League. #

Signing up is all free (which is always a bonus!). Just choose your team name and then choose which football team you would like to represent – some big local teams have already signed up such as Luton Town and MK Dons. Once you have signed up you will get access to their excellent activity ideas which you can then carry out as and when you like.

Honestly though we all know that life is hectic and if you want to do anything you have to plan it weeks in advance so if you have been more chill or even you find yourself with a free hour why not sign up and see if there’s something you can do :). There are some super simple areas mixed with some more complex ones all of which are designed to raise awareness and make a difference.

Here’s what they say… 

“Each week on Planet Super League, we share activities that help you to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the planet, while having fun with your family and friends. Each time you complete an activity, you score points to help your club move up the league. Make small, sustainable changes, and take action on climate change, while getting active, and tackling creative challenges!”

What’s not to love?

I’m looking forward to getting involved and sharing some of the activities with you all this half term! Keep an eye on my FacebookTwitter and Instagram to see which ones we have been up to.

To sign up and play for free click here

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