Woburn Safari Park

When we first arrived we skipped the road safari and went straight to the foot safari which was nice and quiet at that time of day.

TOP TIP – When you get into Woburn, once you have paid you will do better to go straight to the foot safari as the road safari can get quite busy early on.

In In the foot safari you can experience some interactive shows (touching an elephant!, something the kids and I have never done). Some enclosures allow you to walk among the animals which is a nice touch. This includes a farm area where you can walk in the goat enclosure and stroke them and other enclosures that allow you to get up close to some animals such as squirrel monkeys, wallabys and lemurs (obviously don’t touch).

Throughout the park they also have a small reptile centre (which has a handling session) and a parakeet enclosure where you can buy some liquid feed for 50p. If you choose to buy this feed the parakeets will land on you and eat it out of the pot in your hand. If you have a nervous child be sure to hold onto their food and give it to them once you are inside as sometimes the parakeets fly down on you as soon as you get in there which could startle. Otherwise you could just ask the assistant, that is outside selling the foot, and they will be able to tell you about the birds behavior at that time. They dont harm it can just be a little jumpy.

Inside the park there are lots of different areas to see and the famous swan pedalos are there for you to ride on.

The road safari is really good (though this all depends on what you see at the time). If you go round once and dont see everything you wanted to there is nothing to stop you going round as many times as you like. It is split into segments and you can often get animals coming right up to your car allowing you to get closer than if it was a standard zoo. Depending on when you go it can get busy so at times you might experience some congestion going round but usually you can drive round people without a problem. Obviously the good thing about the road safari is that you can go whatever the weather!

It is quite expensive and would be a treat but when you consider how much it costs to maintain the animals care it is understandable. Sometimes they have offers on and it is cheaper to buy your tickets in advance online.  The costs details are here. You can also buy tickets using that link.