Houghton Hall Park

Houghton Hall Park is located in Houghton Regis. It is really easy to get to from the M1 (junction 11a).  It was newly renovated a few years ago and is now a little hidden gem. Parking is free for up to 3 hours.

The paths are great for scooters, bikes and pushchairs and there is a walk around that is about a mile so its perfect to take children! Around the walk you will find a few different bits of play equipment and other things to discover including climbing frames, swinging logs and a den building area. Keep your eyes peeled for these bits!

There is a park infront of the visitor centre, close to the car park and in the visitor centre they have a cafe and toilets. The cafe has little areas for children to play – including tablets where they can do quizzes and find out about the area. There are also toys and stuff to keep them amused. It would be good to visit with toddlers on a week day!

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